Mobilis Ensemble – is a fellowship of leading Russian musicians, laureats of International competitions, known both in Russia and beyond its borders, led by a splendid violinist Rodion Zamuruev. The search for unorthodox stylistic forms, an excessive degree of emotional tension, bold interpretation – is what makes Mobilis Ensemble a unique phenomenon on the world’s music scene.

Mobilis – is an original format, where seven musicians implement symphonic concepts, combining the depth of sound and the dramatism of orchestral thinking with an individual solo melodism of each separate instrument. The sounding texture of the ensemble brings a new light to classical music masterpieces, making them interesting, striking and more familiar to music connoisseurs of the XXI century.

The ensemble musicians demonstrate their art at International music festivals in France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Japan and Russia. Concerts of the International Soloists Ensemble Mobilis are always popular with the audience and garner enthusiastic reviews of music critics.

The ensemble repertoire, embracing all epochs and styles of classical music, is amply represented on many compact discs, among which are recordings of subscription concerts of the Moscow Philharmonic Society.

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